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[[File:David Octavius Hill by Robert Scott Lauder.jpg|thumb|240px|David Octavius Hill par Robert Scott Lauder]]
== Biographie ==
'''David Octavius Hill''' était un photographe, peintre et lithographe écossais né le 20 mai 1802 à Perth et décédé le 17 mai 1870 à Édimbourg. Il a beaucoup travaillé en collaboration avec [[Robert Adamson]].
== Galerie de photographies ==
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File:David Octavius Hill with his daughter, Charlotte.jpg|David Octavius Hill avec sa fille Charlotte
Thomas Chalmers by David Octavius Hill, c1843-47.jpg|Thomas Chalmers, c1843-47
File:Miss Fillaus LACMA M.2008.40.986.jpg|Miss Fillaus
File:Aben Fishwife (Mrs. Flucker Of Newhaven, Shucking Oysters) LACMA M.2008.40.988.jpg|Aben Fishwife
File:Mr. Gallie and Miss Munro LACMA M.2008.40.989.jpg|Mr. Gallie and Miss Munro
File:William Heighton Leitch LACMA M.2008.40.990.jpg|William Heighton Leitch
File:Portrait Of John Henning LACMA M.2008.40.991.jpg|John Henning
File:Eleanor Rigby LACMA M.2008.40.985.jpg|Eleanor Rigby
File:Eleanor Rigby LACMA M.2008.40.985.jpg
File:Miss Fillaus LACMA M.2008.40.986.jpg
File:Aben Fishwife (Mrs. Flucker Of Newhaven, Shucking Oysters) LACMA M.2008.40.988.jpg
File:Mr. Gallie and Miss Munro LACMA M.2008.40.989.jpg
File:William Heighton Leitch LACMA M.2008.40.990.jpg
File:Portrait Of John Henning LACMA M.2008.40.991.jpg
File:J. Ballantyne, Dr. George Bell and David Octavius Hil (8386802108).jpg
File:John Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie, 2nd Baron Wharncliffe.jpg|John Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie, 2nd Baron Wharncliffe
File:Horatio McCulloch by Hill & Adamson.jpg|Horatio McCulloch
File:Newhaven boy ('King Fisher' or 'His Faither's Breeks').jpg
File:Mrs Elizabeth (Johnstone) Hall, Newhaven fishwife.jpg
File:Mohun Lal, aged 28 in 1844.jpg
File:Elizabeth Eastlake c1847.jpg|Elizabeth Eastlake ca 1847
File:Charles William Peach, 1800 - 1886. Coastguard, naturalist and geologist.jpg
File:John Sobieski Stolberg-Stuart, 1797 - 1872. Alias John Hay or John Hay Allan.jpg
File:Lady Mary Hamilton (Campbell) Ruthven, 1789 - 1885. Wife of James, Lord Ruthven.jpg
File:David Octavius Hill and Professor James Miller. Known as 'The Morning After "He greatly daring dined"'.jpg
File:Samuel Aitken. Bookseller and friend of Thomas Carlyle.jpg
File:The Rev Thomas Chalmers and his Family at Merchiston Castle School.jpg
File:Isabella Burns, Mrs John Begg, 1771 - 1858. Youngest sister of Robert Burns.jpg
File:Mrs Anne (Palgrave) Rigby, 1777 - 1872.jpg
File:Hugh Miller, 1802 - 1856. Geologist and author.jpg
File:Lady Elizabeth (Rigby) Eastlake, 1809 - 1893. Writer.jpg
File:St Andrews, North Street, Fishergate, Women and Children Baiting the Line.jpg
File:Willie Liston, 'Redding (cleaning or preparing) the line', Newhaven fisherman.jpg
File:Alexander Rutherford, William Ramsay and John Liston.jpg
File:Unknown men (Newhaven).jpg
File:Mrs Barbara (Johnstone) Flucker.jpg
File:Two Newhaven fishwives, perhaps Mrs Elizabeth (Johnstone) Hall on the right.jpg
File:'A Newhaven Pilot'.jpg
File:Marion Finlay, Mrs Margaret (Dryburgh) Lyall and Mrs Grace (Finlay) Ramsay. Called 'The Letter'.jpg
File:Piper and Drummer of the 92nd Gordon Highlanders, Edinburgh Castle 2.jpg
File:92nd Gordon Highlanders at Edinburgh Castle 2.jpg
File:Leith docks with the ship 'Cockburn' tied up.jpg
File:James Drummond, 1816 - 1877. History painter, curator of the National Gallery of Scotland.jpg
File:Sir John Steell, 1804 - 1891. Sculptor.jpg
File:Harriet Farnie and Miss Farnie with a Sleeping Puppy, Brownie.jpg
File:George Troup and William Gibson.jpg
File:Unknown officer and three mounted soldiers of the Leith Fort Artillery.jpg
File:The Scott Monument under Construction.jpg
File:Ivy-covered tree at Colinton. 'The Fairy Tree'.jpg
File:The Scott Monument (1).jpg
File:Edinburgh Ale, James Ballantine, Dr George Bell and David Octavius Hill.jpg
File:Patrick Byrne, about 1794 - 1863. Irish Harpist.jpg
File:Captain David Campbell, Allan Robertson, Tom Morris, Bob Andrews, Sir Hugh Playfair and Watty Alexander. 'St Andrews Golfers'.jpg
File:Sophia Finlay and Harriet Farnie 2.jpg
File:Captain Robert Barclay-Allardyce, 1779 - 1854. Celebrated pedestrian.jpg
File:Charlotte Lockhart, later Mrs Hope. Grand-daughter of Sir Walter Scott.jpg
File:Anne Chalmers Hanna, 1813 - 1891. Daughter of Rev. Dr Thomas Chalmers, wife of Rev. William Hanna.jpg
File:Finlay, deerstalker in the employ of Campbell of Islay.jpg
File:James Nasmyth, 1808 - 1890. Inventor of the steam hammer.jpg
File:St Andrew's Cathedral, St Andrews, Scotland (1842).jpg
File:Rev. Thomas Chalmers, 1780 - 1847. Preacher and social reformer (shown preaching).jpg
File:Sir George Harvey, 1806 - 1876. Genre and landscape painter, President of the Royal Scottish Academy.jpg
File:Mr Laing or Laine.jpg
File:George Combe, 1788 - 1858. Phrenologist.jpg
File:Sandy (or James) Linton, his boat and bairns.jpg
File:Thomas Duncan, 1807 - 1845. Artist.jpg
File:Burd Alane.jpg
File:Willie Liston, Newhaven. Fisherman.jpg