« Photographie/Personnalités/S/Charles Roscoe Savage » : différence entre les versions

== Galerie de photographies ==
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File:Martha M Hughes Cannon.png
File:George E. P. Careless.jpg
File:Henry Eyring (Mormon convert).jpg
File:Joseph T. Kingsbury.jpg
File:Kitty Keliikuaaina Richardson Napela.jpg
File:Bust portrait of George M. Ottinger.png
File:Hyrum M. Smith3.jpg
File:Charles Henry Wilcken.jpg
File:Eliza Burgess Young.jpg
File:Sarah Bernhardt by C.R. Savage.jpg
File:Sarah Bernhardt by C.R. Savage2Savage.jpg
File:Sarah Bernhardt by C.R. SavageSavage2.jpg
File:Curecanti needle.jpg
File:Dale Creek Iron Viaduct 1869.jpg
File:First Presidency and Twelve Apostles 1898.jpg
File:Salt lake city main street c1890 ug.jpg
File:Black Rock in the Great Salt Lake, by Savage, C. R. (Charles Roscoe), 1832-1909.jpg
File:Salt Lake City from the North Bench, Wahsatch (Wasatch) Mountains in the distance, by Savage, C. R. (Charles Roscoe), 1832-1909.jpg