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== Galerie de photographies ==
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A Barber's Shop in the Cattle-Market at Luxor. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
A Barrow Restaurant. (1911) - TIMEA (cropped).jpg
A Barrow Restaurant. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
A Bedawin Tribe on the March Through Cairo. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
A Camel Band In a Procession Which Has Gone to Meet a Pilgrim Returned from Mecca. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
A Coppersmith's Stall at the Gizeh Market. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
A Corner of the Khedive's Palace. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
A Donkey-Boys' Restaurant (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
A Fellah Family in the Fayum. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
A Fellah's Farm near Karnak. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
A Grand Jewish Funeral at Cairo. Boys in Velvet Robes. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
A Grand Jewish Funeral in Cairo. The Hearse. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
A Gyassa sailing up the Nile. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
A Marriage Procession, with the Hôtel Continental in the Background. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
A Mediæval Street in the Arab City of Cairo. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
A Mohammedan Funeral. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
A Nile Village. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
A Pavement Stall Outside the Esbekiya Gardens. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
A Pilgrim's House, with the Supposed Adventures of his Pilgrimage to Mecca Painted on its Exterior. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
A Roman Castle in the Great Oasis of the Libyan Desert," (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
A Silver-and-Ivory Palanquin Suspended Between Camels in the Procession of a Pilgrim Returned from Mecca. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
A Snake Charmer. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
A Stall at the Gizeh Market. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
A Story-teller reciting from the "Arabian Nights." (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
A Street Scene in the Serugiya. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
A Travelling Donkey-Boys' Restaurant on the Pavement Outside the Esbekiya Gardens. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
A typical camel group (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
A Typical Nile Town. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
A Woman's Burden. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Alexandria. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
An Arab Market in a Pal Grove. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
An Assuan Galley and the Island of Elephantine. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
An Avenue in Cairo. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
An Effendi Having His Fortune Told Outside the Esbekiya. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
An Egyptian Country House. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
An Egyptian Village Larder. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Arab horseman in the Fayum. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Arab Salutations. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Arab Sangfroid- Effendis Sitting Down in the Middle of the Road to Read a Letter. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Arabs Lunching in the Ataba-El-Khadra. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
AT DAMIETTA. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
At Luxor (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Bedawin at the Gizeh Market. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Blind Saint at the Delta Barrage. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Boy Working a Shadùf. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Casting His Eye A Little Comedy Outside the Railway Station at Cairo. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Child Crying at the Kodak. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Damietta 5.jpg
Damietta. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Donkey-boys at the Gates of Karnak. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Doum Palm and Well in the Roman Castle of the Great Oasis. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Dragoman Explaining Cartouches in the Temple of Komombo. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Egyptian Boys And Girls. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Egyptian Infantry Marching Past. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Egyptian woman riding (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Egyptian Woman with her shawl over the Burden on her head to shield her from the fierce sun. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Exit Egypt (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Fellahin children watching the foreigners ride past. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Fellahin waiting for the Police-Court to Open at Luxor. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Forage Camels Near the Picturesque Fountain Given by the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in the Square in Front of the Governorat at Cairo. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Fuzzy-Wuzzy. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Greek Women Dancing at the Shem-En-Nesim. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Group of Arabs and Camels in the Desert Near the Pyramids of Gizeh. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Gyassas on the Nile. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Heliopolis, The Athens of the Ancients. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
How Women Carry Their Children in Upper Egypt. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Kharga Village, in the Great Oasis of the Libyan Desert. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Lemonade-Sellers on the Ataba-El-Khadra. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Native 'Bus of the More Refined Kind, Drawn by Two Asses, in the Ataba-el-Khadra. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Newspaper-Boy Selling Seditious Periodicals to the People in the Trams in the Ataba-el-Khadra. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Old Man Playing Lute in the bazars at Cairo. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Old Mosque at Rosetta. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Outside the Cairo Railway Station The Unemployed--Donkeys and Donkey-Boys. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Pigeon-Towers in the Fayum. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Ploughing in the Fayum. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Pompey's Pillar at Alexandria (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Saint's Tomb in the Desert Behind the Cataract Hotel at Assuan. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Standard-Bearers in a Procession with an "Arabeah" (Cairo Cab) Behind. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Street Arabs and Grain Sacks at Rod-El-Farag, the Grain Port of Cairo. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Arab Market in the Village Near the Mena House. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Author in his Arab Dress (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Avenue of Sphinxes and Ptolemaic Pylon at Karnak. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Bab-en-Nasr, The Old Gate of Victory Build by Saladin. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Banner of the Prophet at the Feast of Bairam. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Birthday of the Prophet One of the Mohammedan Orders on its Way from Saluting the Sheikh-El-Bekri. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Birthday of the Prophet. The Pavilions of the Khedie's Ministers. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Camel Market at Gizeh. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Castle of Abûkir and the Scene of the Battle of the Nile. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The City of Damietta on the Nile (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Corner of the Ataba-el-Khadra and the Musky. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Cynocephal The Performing Dog-Faced Baboon. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Egyptian Cavalry Band. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Face-Veil; And the Way a Child is Carried in Egypt. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Family of a Pilgrim Returning from Mecca. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Famous Luxor Market (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Gamoose, or Buffalo. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Garden of the Coptic Church at Old Cairo, Called the Hanging Church of Babylon. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Heart of Cairo, the Old Gate Called the Bab-es-Zuweyla. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Khan of the Red Sea Merchants at Rosetta. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Mahmal which Conveyed the Holy Carpet to Mecca Surrounded by Cairo Police. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Market of the Afternoon The Rag and Metal Market of Arab Cairo. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Occupation of Egypt- Sleeping. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Occupation of Egypt--Sleeping (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Oriental Lounge of the Cataract Hotel at Assuan. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The potters' market, with Mosque and Fellah Women in the Background, at Gizeh, A suburb of Cairo. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Procession of Egypt (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Procession of the Holy Carpet, With Sultan Hassan's Mosque in the Background. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Return from Luxor Market. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Return of the Holy Carpet from Mecca The Reception of the Mahmal, in which the Carpet is Conveyed, by the Khedive at his Pavilion. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Return of the Pilgrim from Mecca The Procession Waiting for the Pilgrim. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Site of the Ancient Memphis A Village and Its Cemetery. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Sphinx Between the First and Second Pyramids. From a Photograph Taken by the Author about 6 a.m., After Sleeping at the Foot of the Sphinx. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Statue of Memnon at Thebes. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Sûk-En-Nahassin, the Most Beautiful, Romantic, and Mediæval Street in Cairo. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Temple of Amon-Ra at Karnak. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Temple of Ptah at Karnak, Where the Moon Shines on the Image of the Goddess Sekket. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Tombs of the Mamelukes and the Great Mosque of Mehemet Ali on the Citadel. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Tombs of the Mamelukes, Showing the Poorer and Richer Types of Altar-Tombs. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Unjust Steward The judge's coptic clerk (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Valley of the Tomb of the Kings at Thebes. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Village of Kurna and its Fellahin of the Plain of Thebes. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Witch of Assuan. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
The Young Idea. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Three Arab Effendis Sitting Down to Rest on the Pavement Outside the Esbekiya Gardens. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Under Protest. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Woman Carrying a Huge Iron Cauldron on her Head in the Sharia Camel, the Principal Street of Cairo. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Woman Carrying a Huge Vase on her Head Near the Esbekiya Gardens at Cairo. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Woman holding the huge wooden Egyptian door-key in her right hand. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
Women Mourning. (1911) - TIMEA.jpg
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