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:::Les deux premières techniques fonctionnent aussi avec les brouillons, pour la troisième il faudrait tester le code Lua qui peut contenir des restrictions aujourd'hui puisqu'il répond à un besoin particulier. [[Utilisateur:JackPotte|JackPotte]] ([[Discussion utilisateur:JackPotte|<span style="color:#FF6600">$</span>♠]]) 2 novembre 2017 à 14:52 (CET)
::::Merci. Que ferions-nous sans toi ?!! Marie --[[Utilisateur:Dr.mbl|Dr.mbl]] ([[Discussion utilisateur:Dr.mbl|discussion]]) 2 novembre 2017 à 15:06 (CET)
== Anonymous attacks ==
Sorry for the English, but I am a little too furious to write French. This is [https://fr.wikibooks.org/w/index.php?title=N%C3%A9erlandais%2FGrammaire%2Fle_pronom%2Fle_remplacement_pronominal&type=revision&diff=577374&oldid=577032 the reason]. First of all there is is nothing erroneous about this topic. It describes that things are different in the north than they are in Flanders. My anonymous attacker simply does not want French learners of our language to know about that. It is soo typical for the Flemish right wing: they have decided that they own our language now. So they just edit my book. My discussion, no message and anonymously too. The cowardly arrogant bastards. Could you please block this idiot?
[[Utilisateur:Jcwf|Jcwf]] ([[Discussion utilisateur:Jcwf|discussion]]) 5 décembre 2017 à 00:26 (CET)
P.S. If my French needs improvement I would gladly see it improved -which of course this bastard had no intention of doing-, but I do not like to be told that I do not know my own language this way.
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