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[[File:Madame Mountford holding stereo camera.jpg|thumb|alt=AMadame womanMountford holding(au acentre) cameratient standsun inappareil thephoto center.; Aun manhomme standsest ondebout oneà sidecôté ofd'elle heret andun aautre managenouillé onde hisl'autre kneescôté. isLa onphotographie hera otherété side.|Lydiaprise Mountforddans ''(center)''les standsrues inde thePalestine streetspendant ofle Palestinevoyage duringde Johnson's en 1903 tour.]]
In 1897 Johnson photographed and befriended the actress Lydia Mary Olive Von Finkelstein Mamreov Mountford at the Salt Lake Theater. Mountford returned to Utah in 1903 and hired Johnson as a photographer for her Jerusalem exhibit at the [[St. Louis World's Fair]]. They traveled through Palestine and Jerusalem in the Ottoman Empire taking pictures of the scenery. At the World Fair in 1904, Johnson and Mountford found that the exhibit's management had repudiated Mountford's contract. Johnson tried with little success to market his photos in St. Louis.<ref name="Wadsworth 1992"/>{{rp|289–308}}