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C. E. Johnson logo.jpg|Logo de C. E. Johnson
Charles Ellis Johnson ca 1885.jpg|Charles Ellis Johnson ca 1885
Charles Ellis Johnson in costume.jpg|Charles Ellis Johnson en costume
Charles Johnson untitled self-portrait.jpg|Autoportrait
Johnson's photo studio c 1910.png|Le studio de Johnson vers 1910
Johnson's store advertisement.jpg|Publicité du magasin de Johnson
Joseph Ellis Johnson's family.png|La famille de Joseph Ellis Johnson
=== La carrière ===
In Salt Lake City, Johnson worked as a druggist for the [[ZCMI]].<ref name="SNAC"/> In 1889 he partnered with [[Parley P. Pratt]] to operate the Johnson-Pratt Drug Company.<ref name="SNAC"/><ref name="Wadsworth 1992"/>{{rp|271}} Johnson made and sold various family [[patent medicine]]s, including his "Valley Tan Remedies."<ref name="Wadsworth 1992"/>{{rp|288}} During the 1890s, he became involved in the [[American Star Bicycle]] craze by selling them and becoming vice president of Salt Lake's Social Wheel bicycle club.<ref name="Campbell 2016"/>{{rp|5–6}}