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IMG.svg|[[/Voigtländer Vitoret Rapid D|Voigtländer Vitoret Rapid D]]
Vitorets.JPG|Vitoret S
IMG.svg|[[/Voigtländer Vitrona|Voigtländer Vitrona]]
Vintage Voigtlander Vitrona 35mm Viewfinder Film Camera With Built-In Electronic Flash, May Be The First Camera Produced With A Built-In Electronic Flash, Made In West Germany, Introduced In 1964 (22777540084).jpg|[[/Voigtländer Vitrona|Voigtländer Vitrona]] (1964)
Voigtländer VF 135.jpg|Voigtländer VF 135.jpg
Voigtländer Bessy ak.jpg|Voigtländer Bessy ak