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::S'il en faut une pour Linux, je propose la suivante: man7.org/linux/man-pages/man3/fopen.3.html
:::Je n'y vois aucune mention d'encodage ou d'Unicode. [[Utilisateur:JackPotte|JackPotte]] ([[Discussion utilisateur:JackPotte|<font color="#FF6600">$</font>♠]]) 13 février 2016 à 22:59 (CET)
::::Pour unicode, je ne sais pas, mais pour ce qui est de l'encodage, je lis:
:::: ''In addition to the above characters, fopen() and freopen() support the following syntax in mode:''
:::: ,ccs=string
:::: ''The given string is taken as the name of a coded character set and the stream is marked as wide-oriented. Thereafter, internal conversion functions convert I/O to and from the character set string. If the ,ccs=string syntax is not specified, then the wide-orientation of the stream is determined by the first file operation. If that operation is a wide-character operation, the stream is marked wide-oriented, and functions to convert to the coded character set are loaded.''
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