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[[File:Portrait of Samuel Bourne, 1864.jpg|thumb|180px|Samuel Bourne]]
'''Samuel Bourne''' (30 Octobre 1834 – 24 Avril 1912) était un photographe britannique connu pour les 7 années particulièrement productives qu'il passa en Inde, de 1863 à 1870.
== Galerie de photographies ==
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File:The Parsee Tower of Silence LACMA M.90.24.1.jpg
File:Malabar Hill - Panorama of Bombay from Ladies' Gymkhana LACMA M.90.24.2.jpg
File:Malabar Hill - Panorama of Bombay from Ladies' Gymkhana LACMA M.90.24.3.jpg
File:Malabar Hill from Xavier's, Bombay LACMA M.90.24.4.jpg
File:The Cathedral, Bombay LACMA M.90.24.5.jpg
File:Bombay Esplanade Hotel LACMA M.90.24.6.jpg
File:Bombay Rampart Row, from Esplanade Hotel LACMA M.90.24.7.jpg
File:Bombay, Yacht Club, Apollo Bunder and Harbour LACMA M.90.24.8.jpg
File:Bombay, Victoria Terminus Station - G.I.P.R LACMA M.90.24.9.jpg
File:Bombay, General View of Public Buildings LACMA M.90.24.10.jpg
File:Bombay, The Said-Memon Street LACMA M.90.24.11.jpg
File:The Island of Elephanta from the Caves LACMA M.90.24.12.jpg
File:General View of Interior of Caves LACMA M.90.24.13.jpg
File:Delhi, The Cashmere Gate, taken by storm in 1854 LACMA M.90.24.14.jpg
File:Delhi, The Summa Musjid and the Quadrangle LACMA M.90.24.15.jpg
File:Delhi, The Laore Gate and Fort LACMA M.90.24.16.jpg
File:The Somnoth Gate of Sandalwood, Preserved in the Agra LACMA M.90.24.17.jpg
File:Delhi, Interior of the Dewan I Khass LACMA M.90.24.18.jpg
File:Delhi, Marble Screen in the Suman Burj or Queen's Baths LACMA M.90.24.19.jpg
File:Delhi, The Kutab Minar LACMA M.90.24.20.jpg
File:Delhi, The Interior of Hindoo Colonade LACMA M.90.24.21.jpg
File:Delhi, Mausoleum of Sufdar Iung LACMA M.90.24.22.jpg
File:Delhi, Mausoleum of the Emperor Humayoon LACMA M.90.24.23.jpg
File:Delhi, Ruins of Purana Kila, The Old Fort LACMA M.90.24.24.jpg
File:Delhi, The Ferozesha Kotela LACMA M.90.24.25.jpg
File:Panoramic View of Agra LACMA M.90.24.26.jpg
File:Panoramic View of Agra LACMA M.90.24.27.jpg
File:The Delhi Gate - Agra Fort LACMA M.90.24.28.jpg
File:Agra Fort, Genral View of Pearl Mosque LACMA M.90.24.29.jpg
File:Agra Fort, The Pearl Mosque LACMA M.90.24.30.jpg
File:Agra Fort, Interior of the Pearl Mosque LACMA M.90.24.31.jpg
File:Agra Fort, The Palace LACMA M.90.24.32.jpg
File:Agra Fort, The Lenana LACMA M.90.24.34.jpg
File:Agra Fort, The Dewan-i-Am or Audience Hall LACMA M.90.24.35.jpg
File:Agra Fort, The Palace LACMA M.90.24.36.jpg
File:Agra Fort, The Jasmine Tower LACMA M.90.24.37.jpg
File:The Entrance Gate - Taj Mahal LACMA M.90.24.38.jpg
File:Taj Mahal, from the Entrance Gate LACMA M.90.24.39.jpg
File:Taj Mahal, from the River LACMA M.90.24.40.jpg
File:Taj Mahal, Screen round Tomb LACMA M.90.24.41.jpg
File:Taj Mahal - from the River LACMA M.90.24.42.jpg
File:Taj Mahal - from the River LACMA M.90.24.43.jpg
File:Taj Mahal - from the River LACMA M.90.24.44.jpg
File:Distant View of the Taj Mahal LACMA M.90.24.45.jpg
File:Entrance Gate to the Mausoleum of the Emperor Akbar LACMA M.90.24.46.jpg
File:Secundra, Mausoleum of the Emperor Akbar LACMA M.90.24.47.jpg
File:Secundra, Mausoleum of the Emperor Akbar LACMA M.90.24.48.jpg
File:Secundra, Marble Screen round Tomb of Emperor Akabar LACMA M.90.24.49.jpg
File:Agra, Mausolem of Etmad Dowlat LACMA M.90.24.50.jpg
File:Agra, Marble Screen round Mausolem of Etmad Dowlat LACMA M.90.24.51.jpg
File:Futtehpore Sikri, The Great Gate from the Village LACMA M.90.24.52.jpg
File:Futtehpore Sikri, General View from top of Gate LACMA M.90.24.53.jpg
File:Futtehpore Sikri, General View of the Ruins LACMA M.90.24.54.jpg
File:Futtehpore Sikri - The Panch-Mahal or 5 Palaces LACMA M.90.24.55.jpg
File:Futtehpore Sikri, Tomb of Sheik Selim Chisti LACMA M.90.24.56.jpg
File:Futtehpore Sikri, Marble Screen to Tomb LACMA M.90.24.57.jpg
File:Futtehpore Sikri, Birbul's House LACMA M.90.24.58.jpg
File:Futtehpore Sikri, Diwan-i-Khas LACMA M.90.24.59.jpg
File:Benares, General View of Bathing Ghats LACMA M.90.24.60.jpg
File:Benares, Temple of Tarhishwara or Well of Manikarankia LACMA M.90.24.61.jpg
File:Benares, The Burning Ghats LACMA M.90.24.62.jpg
File:Benares, The Burning Ghats LACMA M.90.24.63.jpg
File:Benares, The Wall of Knowledge and Golden Temple LACMA M.90.24.64.jpg
File:Benares, The Nepalese Temple LACMA M.90.24.65.jpg
File:Benares, The Durga or Monkey Temple LACMA M.90.24.66.jpg
File:Benares, Temple and Top of Sarnath LACMA M.90.24.67.jpg
File:Bhurtpore - The Fort LACMA M.90.24.68.jpg
File:Bhurtpore - Old Palace in Fort LACMA M.90.24.69.jpg
File:Deeg, Gopal Bhawan or Water Palace LACMA M.90.24.70.jpg
File:Deeg, The Krishna Bhawan LACMA M.90.24.71.jpg
File:Deeg, The Fort LACMA M.90.24.72.jpg
File:Baroda, The Golden Guns LACMA M.90.24.73.jpg
File:Untitled LACMA M.83.302.2.jpg|(attribution)
File:Untitled LACMA M.83.302.3.jpg
File:Untitled LACMA M.83.302.4.jpg
File:Untitled LACMA M.83.302.5.jpg
File:Untitled LACMA M.83.302.6.jpg
File:Untitled LACMA M.83.302.8.jpg
File:Untitled LACMA M.83.302.9.jpg
File:Untitled LACMA M.83.302.10.jpg
File:Untitled LACMA M.83.302.11.jpg
File:Untitled LACMA M.83.302.12.jpg
File:Untitled LACMA M.83.302.13.jpg
File:Untitled LACMA M.83.302.14.jpg
File:View in the Qaisar Bagh Palace LACMA M.83.302.16.jpg
File:Ruins of the Residency LACMA M.83.302.19.jpg
File:Untitled LACMA M.83.302.20.jpg
File:Untitled LACMA M.83.302.22.jpg
File:Untitled LACMA M.83.302.23.jpg
File:Untitled LACMA M.83.302.24.jpg
File:Untitled LACMA M.83.302.25.jpg
File:Untitled LACMA M.83.302.26.jpg
File:Untitled LACMA M.83.302.27.jpg
File:Untitled LACMA M.83.302.28.jpg
File:Untitled LACMA M.83.302.29.jpg
File:Untitled LACMA M.83.302.30.jpg
File:River With Trees (India) LACMA M.2008.40.282.jpg
File:Samuel Bourne - Cashmere.jpg
File:Samuel Bourne - Darjieling.jpg
File:Samuel Bourne - Baramula, Cashmere.jpg
File:Samuel Bourne -The Bailey Guard Gate, Lucknow.jpg
File:Samuel Bourne - The Cathedral and Bishop's Palace Calcutta.jpg
File:Vishnu Pud.jpg
File:Cawnpore Memorial, 1860.jpg
File:Mussoorie and Landour, 1860s.jpg
File:Head of Ganges Canal, Haridwar, 1894-1898.jpg
File:Haridwar from opposite bank of the Ganges, 1866.jpg
File:Chamba Valley, Himachal Pradesh, c1865.jpg
File:Chandni Chowk, Delhi, 1863-67.jpg
File:Temple on the Bhimtal Lake, Bhimtal, 1864.jpg
File:Nainital lake, towards Mallital,1865.jpg
File:View of Mallital, without the present Naina Devi Temple, Nainital, 1865.jpg
File:View of Nainital, from the South East (Tallital side), 1865.jpg
File:View of Mallital, Nainital, 1865.jpg
File:Benares (Varanasi) - The River & Bridge of Boats, from the Arungzebe Mosque, India. 1866.jpg
File:Qaisar Bagh, Lucknow, c.1866.jpg
File:Dakshineshwar Temple - Calcutta (Kolkata) - 1865.jpg
File:Nainital, 1865.jpg
File:Srinagar in 1860s.jpg
File:Chumba. Bazar & Temples..jpg
File:Shalimar Gardens, Kashmir..jpg
File:View from the nautch bungalow, Shalimar..jpg
File:The entrance to Shalimar Bagh, Srinagar.jpg
File:Gateway to Hooseinabad Bazaar, Lucknow, India.jpg
File:St. Paul's Cathedral - Calcutta (Kolkata) - 1865.jpg
File:The Lat of Ferozeh Shah -Delhi-..jpg
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