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'''XQuery''' est une {{w|recommandation W3C}} de sélection de données depuis des documents et bases de données basée sur [[XML]].
== Sommaire ==
'''[[w:XQuery|XQuery]]''' est une {{w|recommandation W3C}} de sélection de données depuis des documents et bases de données basée sur [[XML]].
== Installer {{w|eXist}}Références ==
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== Introduction ==
* [http://www.xqueryfunctions.com/xq/ FunctX XQuery Function Library] by Priscilla Walmsley
# [[/Background/]] - A brief history and motivation for the XQuery standard. {{stage short|00%|Sept 27th, 2006}}
# [[/Benefits/]] - Why use XQuery? {{stage short|00%|Sept 27th, 2006}}
# [[/Installing and Testing/]] - How to install an XQuery server on your . {{stage short|00%|Sept 27th, 2006}}
# [[/Naming Conventions/]] - Naming standards used throughout this book. {{stage short|00%|March 17th, 2006}}
= Example Scripts =
== Beginning Examples ==
Examples that do not assume knowledge of functions and modules.
# [[/HelloWorld/]] - A simple test to see if XQuery is installed correctly. {{stage short|75%|Jan 21st, 2008}}
# [[/Loading data/]] - A tour of several different ways to load data into a native XML database {{stage short|25%|Oct 3rd, 2012}}
# [[/FLWOR Expression/]] - A basic example of how XQuery FLWOR statements work. {{stage short|75%|Jan 21st, 2008}}
# [[/Sequences/]] - Working with sequences is central to XQuery. {{stage short|25%|Sept. 26st, 2009}}
# [[/Parsing CSV/]] - Using FLWOR on sequences to parse CSV text. {{stage short|25%|Apr 6th, 2012}}
# [[/XPath examples/]] - Sample XPath samples for people new to XML and XPath {{stage short|50%|Jan. 26st, 2011}}
# [[/Regular Expressions/]] - Regular expressions make it easy to parse text. {{stage short|25%|Sept. 26st, 2009}}
# [[/Searching multiple collections/]] - How to search multiple collections in a database. {{stage short|25%|Dec 11th, 2008}}
# [[/Getting URL Parameters/]] - How to get parameters from the URL. {{stage short|50%|Nov 12th, 2007}}
# [[/Getting POST Data/]] - How to get XML data posted to an XQuery. {{stage short|50%|Nov 12th, 2007}}
# [[/Checking for Required Parameters/]] - How to check for a required parameter using if/then/else. {{stage short|75%|Jan 21st, 2008}}
# [[/Displaying Lists/]] - How to take a list of values in an XML structure and return a comma separated list. {{stage short|50%|Nov 6th, 2007}}
# [[/Extracting data from XHTML files/]] - How to use the doc() function to get data from XHTML pages. {{stage short|25%|Aug 6th, 2008}}
# [[/Displaying data in HTML Tables/]] - How to display XML data in an HTML table. {{stage short|25%|Dec 6th, 2007}}
# [[/Limiting Result Sets/]] - How to limit the number of records returned in an XQuery. {{stage short|25%|Sept 6th, 2006}}
# [[/Filtering Words/]] - How to test to see if a word is on a list. {{stage short|50%|Aug 14th, 2007}}
# [[/Saving and Updating Data/]] - How to have a single XQuery that saves new records or updates existing records. {{stage short|50%|Oct 24th, 2007}}
# [[/Quantified Expressions/]] - Testing all the items in a sequence. {{stage short|25%|Oct 29th, 2008}}
# [[/Dates and Time/]] - Sample expressions that work with date and time values {{stage short|25%|May 28th, 2010}}
# [[/Chaining Web Forms/]] - Passing data from one web page to another using URL parameters, sessions or cookies {{stage short|25%|Dec 17th, 2010}}
== Intermediate Examples==
Assumes knowledge of functions and modules.
# [[/Using XQuery Functions/]] - How to read XQuery function documents and user XQuery functions
# [[/Creating XQuery Functions/]] - How to create your own local XQuery functions
# [[/Returning the Longest String/]] - A function to find the longest string from a list of strings
# [[/Net Working Days/]] - How to calculate the number of working days between two dates {{stage short|25%|Aug 14th, 2007}}
# [[/Tag Cloud/]] - Counting and viewing the number of keywords {{stage short|75%|Aug 17th, 2007}}
# [[/String Analysis//]] - Regular expression string analysis
# [[/Manipulating URIs/]] - How to get and manage URIs
# [[/Parsing Query Strings/]] - Parsing query strings using alternate delimiters. {{stage short|25%|Aug 24th, 2007}}
# [[/Splitting Files/]] - Splitting a large XML files into many smaller files. {{stage short|25%|Aug 24th, 2007}}
# [[/Filling Portlets/]] - How to fill regions of a web page with XQuery
# [[/Filtering Nodes/]] - How to use the identity transform to filter out nodes and add nodes {{stage short|25%|Feb 13th, 2008}}
# [[/Limiting Child Trees/]] - You have a tree of information and you want to "prune" only at a specific level {{stage short|25%|Dec 7th, 2010}}
# [[/Higher Order Functions/]] - Passing functions as arguments to functions {{stage short|25%|Nov 10th, 2008}}
# [[/Timing Fibonacci algorithms/]] - A couple of Fibonacci algorithms and timing display
# [[/Using Intermediate Documents/]] - Analysis of a MusicXML file
# [[/Formatting Numbers/]] - using picture formats to format numbers {{stage short|100%|Nov 18th, 2008}}
# [[/Uploading Files/]] - how to upload files using HTML forms {{stage short|25%|Nov 18th, 2010}}
# [[/TEI Concordance/]] - How to build a TEI-based concordance {{stage short|25%|Nov 18th, 2010}}
# [[/Queries on Tables/]] - How to extract data from tabular data {{stage short|25%|June 28th, 2013}}
# [[/Namespace Constructors/]] - how to dynamically add namespaces when constructing documents {{stage short|25%|December 4th, 2013}}
== Search ==
# [[/Introduction to XML Search/]] - An overview of XML search terminology {{stage short|25%|July 30th, 2009}}
# [[/Basic Search/]] - A simple search page {{stage short|25%|Oct 1st, 2009}}
# [[/Searching,Paging and Sorting/]] - Searching and Viewing search results {{stage short|25%|July 30th, 2009}}
# [[/Keyword Search/]] - full text search with Google-style results {{stage short|75%|July 30th, 2009}}
# [[/Employee Search/]] - an Ajax example {{stage short|25%|July 30th, 2009}}
# [[/Incremental Search of the Chemical Elements/]] - with Ajax {{stage short|25%|July 30th, 2009}}
# [[/Lucene Search/]] - using eXist's Lucene-based fulltext search {{stage short|25%|July 30th, 2009}}
# [[/Incremental Searching/]] - working with a JavaScript client to perform incremental search {{stage short|25%|Aug 10th, 2010}}
# [[/Advanced Search/]] - creating complex searches using multiple search fields {{stage short|25%|Aug 11th, 2010}}
# [[/Open Search/]] - creating an OpenSearch file to describe your search page {{stage short|25%|Dec 4th, 2010}}
# [[/Auto-generation of Index Config Files/]] - scripts to automatically generate the index configuration file {{stage short|25%|Apr 18th 2011}}
== Interaction ==
# [[/Adder/]] - Creating a web service that adds two numbers. {{stage short|25%|Sept 6th, 2007}}
# [[/Simple XForms Examples/]]
# [[/Navigating Collections/]] - an example of an AJAX browser {{stage short|25%|Nov 29th, 2009}}
# [[/Sending E-mail/]] - How to send an e-mail message from within an XQuery {{stage short|25%|November 19th, 2009}}
== Creating Custom Views ==
These examples use reflection on the structure of an XML document using name() to implement generic functions for XML transformations.
# [[/HTML Table View/]] - A generic HTML table representation
# [[/Tree View/]] - A generic HTML tree representation
# [[/Grouping Items/]] - how to group items in a report
== Transforming Complex XML Documents ==
XQuery has many features that allow you to transform XML and create full document-style transformation libraries. Unlike traditional "database" documents, complex XML documents have "complex content" that includes in-line elements in unpredictable order. This section provides a foundation for these transformations based on using the XQuery typeswitch functions. Typeswitch function transformations replace XSLT transforms but can also access indexes for very fast transforms of large collections. {{stage short|50%|Nov 29th, 2010}}
# [[/Transformation Styles/]] overview of the three styles of transformation {{stage short|50%|July 29th, 2012}}
# [[/Typeswitch Transformations/]] Using the typeswitch function for document-style transforms. {{stage short|50%|December 10th, 2010}}
# [[/Transformation idioms/]] Handling transformation tasks {{stage short|50%|December 18th, 2010}}
# [[/Generating Skeleton Typeswitch Transformation Modules/]] Using XQuery to generate a skeleton module for typeswitch-based document transformation {{stage short|50%|December 10th, 2010}}
# [[/Web XML Viewer/]] Using the typeswitch function to transform an XML document to HTML {{stage short|25%|November 30th, 2010}}
== Paginated Reports ==
Unlike HTML pages, paginated reports use the concept of text flows between pages. These examples show you how to convert raw XML into high-quality PDF files suitable for printing. The examples use a markup standard called XSL-FO for "Formatted Objects"
# [[/Installing_the_XSL-FO_module/]] - update your 1.4 configuration to get the current software from the Apache web site
# [[/Generating PDF from XSL-FO files/]] - Converting XML-FO to PDF files {{stage short|25%|September 22nd, 2009}}
# [[/XSL-FO Tables/]] - Generating XSL-FO tables from XML files {{stage short|25%|September 22nd, 2009}}
# [[/Converting HTML tables to XSL-FO tables/]] - use a XQuery typeswitch transform to convert HTML tables to XSL-FO tables {{stage short|25%|February 22nd, 2012}}
# [[/XSL-FO Images/]] - Embedding images in generated (PDF) files
== Content Publishing ==
# [[/Publishing Overview/]] - How to transfer a document from an internal intranet server to a public web site {{stage short|25%|February 18th, 2010}}
# [[/Publishing to Subversion/]] - How to transfer a document from an internal intranet to a public SVN server using SSL and digest authentication {{stage short|25%|February 18th, 2010}}
== XML Document Comparison and Merging ==
# [[/Compare two XML files/]] - using the eXist compare() function to test to see if two XML files are exactly the same {{stage short|75%|Oct 17th, 2008}}
# [[/XML Differences/]] - displaying the difference between two XML files {{stage short|25%|Nov 6th, 2008}}
# [[/Compare with XQuery/]] - Using XQuery to Compare Lists {{stage short|75%|May 4th, 2009}}
# [[/Time Comparison with XQuery/]] - Using XQuery to Compare Dated Items {{stage short|75%|May 4th, 2009}}
# [[/Synchronizing Remote Collections/]] - Using lastModified time stamps to see what items have changed {{stage short|25%|May 4th, 2009}}
# [[/Finding Duplicate Documents/]] - Using a hash function to find duplicate documents {{stage short|75%|Dec 17th, 2011}}
== Time Based Queries ==
# [[/Time Based Queries/]] - using dates and times to limit search results {{stage short|25%|Apr 3rd, 2011}}
# [[/Timing a Query/]] - profiling how long a query takes {{stage short|25%|Jun 7th, 2011}}
==XML document kinds ==
=== TEI documents ===
Text Encoding Initiative.
# [[/TEI Concordance/]] - How to build a TEI-based concordance {{stage short|25%|Nov 18th, 2010}}
# [[/TEI Document Timeline/]] - Using Simile Timeline to visualize a TEI document
=== DocBook Documents ===
# [[/DocBook to HTML/]]
# [[/DocBook to PDF/]]
# [[/DocBook to ePub/]]
# [[/DocBook to Microsoft Word/]]
=== OpenOffice ===
# [[/OpenOffice to HTML/]]
=== Office Open XML ===
# [[/Office Open XML/]]
=== XML Schemas ===
# [[/XML Schema to Instance/]]
# [[/XML Schema to XForms/]]
# [[/XML Schema to SVG/]]
== Processing Special Characters ==
# [[/Special Characters/]] - dealing with newlines and other special characters.
= XQuery and other languages =
=== MusicXML ===
# [[/Using Intermediate Documents/]] Analysing MusicXML documents
# [[/MusicXML to Arduino/]]
== Language Comparisons ==
=== Python ===
# [[/XQuery and Python/]] {{stage short|25%|Jul 23rd, 2008}}
=== SQL ===
# [[/XQuery SQL Module/]] - Calling SQL from within your XQuery
# [[/XQuery from SQL/]] - Using XQuery to access a classic Relational database - Employee/Department/Salary {{stage short|25%|Jul 23rd, 2008}}
== RDF/OWL ==
# [[/List OWL Classes/]] - A simple XQuery script that will display all the OWL classes in an OWL file {{stage short|25%|May 217th, 2010}}
== Language combination ==
=== Excel ===
# [[/Excel and XML/]] {{stage short|25%|Oct 30th, 2010}}
=== JavaScript ===
# [[/Navigating Collections/]] - basic AJAX {{stage short|25%|Oct 30th, 2010}}
# [[/Employee Search/]] - basic AJAX {{stage short|25%|Oct 30th, 2010}}
# [[/Incremental Search of the Chemical Elements/]] - AJAX {{stage short|25%|Oct 30th, 2010}}
# [[/DOJO data/]] - basic JSON {{stage short|25%|Oct 30th, 2010}}
=== SQL ===
# [[/XML to SQL/]] {{stage short|25%|Oct 30th, 2010}}
# [[Microsoft-Access]] {{stage short|25%|May 16th, 2014}}
=== XHTML + Voice ===
# [[/Simple RSS reader/]] {{stage short|25%|Oct 30th, 2010}}
# [[/XHTML + Voice/]] Twitter Radio for Opera {{stage short|25%|Oct 30th, 2010}}
=== XSLT ===
# [[/XQuery and XSLT/]] Executing an XSLT transform from within XQuery {{stage short|25%|Oct 30th, 2010}}
= Data Mashups =
== Authentication ==
# [[/Basic Authentication/]] - Logging in to a remote web server using HTTP Basic Authentication
# [[/Digest Authentication/]] - Logging in to a remote web server using HTTP Digest Authentication
# [[/OAuth/]] - A standard for protecting a set of user-owed data within a web service
== Wikipedia interaction ==
# [[/Wikipedia Page scraping/]]
# [[/Wikipedia Lookup/]]
# [[/Wikipedia Events RSS/]]
# [[/Wiki weapons page/]]
== Wikibook applications ==
# [[/Wikibook index page/]]
# [[/Wikibook list of code links/]]
== Freebase ==
# [[/Freebase/]] - use XQuery to get data via JSON from Freebase
== Google Docs ==
# [[/Google Docs/]] - use XQuery to get data from Google Docs
== Visualization ==
# [[/Graph Visualization/]]
# [[/Graphing from RDF/]]
# [[/Dataflow diagrams/]]
# [[/Sequence Diagrams/]]
# [[/Example Sequencer/]] - Step-by-step tutorial
=== Google Charts ===
Although the Google Charts functions only work when you are connected to the Internet, these examples show that
XQuery is an ideal tool for converting XML data into charts.
# [[/Google Charts/]] Using XML and XQuery to generate Google Charts using REST {{stage short|25%|Dec. 9th, 2010}}
# [[/Google Chart Sparkline/]] - A demonstration of how to create a chart using the Google Charts API
# [[/Google Chart Bullet Bar/]] - A demonstration of how to a dashboard bullet bar using the Google Charts API
# [[/Histogram of File Sizes/]] - An XQuery report that generates a histogram of file sizes
There are also sample XForms that can be used to create front-ends in the [http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/XForms/Google_Charts XForms Tutorial and Cookbook]
=== Digital Dashboards ===
Digital dashboards are single screens that compress a great deal of information into a single web page. This section will leverage many of the Google Charts examples from the prior section.
# [[Dashboard Architecture]] - How to design dashboards that have fast response times {{stage short|25%|Dec. 10th, 2010}}
== Page Scraping ==
Page scraping is the process of extracting well-formed XML data from any HTML web page. When creating mashup applications this is also known as the harvesting process.
# [[/Overview of Page Scraping Techniques/]] {{stage short|25%|March 30th, 2009}}
# [[/Page scraping and Yahoo Weather/]]
# [[/UK shipping forecast/]]
# [[/BBC Weather Forecast/]]
# [[/Page scraping and Mashup/]]
# [[/Simple RSS reader/]]
# [[/Multiple page scraping and Voting behaviour/]]
# [[/Link gathering/]]
# [[/REST interface definition/]]
# [[/Caching and indexes/]]
== Mapping ==
# [[/Google Geocoding/]]
# [[/String Analysis#Location_Mapping/]] Mapping Car Registrations
# [[/Flickr GoogleEarth/]]
# [[/Nationalgrid and Google Maps/]]
# [[/SMS tracker/]]
== Timelines ==
# [[/Creating a Timeline/]] - Creating a simple timeline view of events {{stage short|50%|March 1st, 2009}}
# [[/Timelines of Resource/]] - Using creation and modification dates to create timelines {{stage short|25%|March 2nd, 2009}}
# [[/TEI Document Timeline/]] - Creating a timeline of all dates within a single TEI document {{stage short|25%|Oct. 2nd, 2010}}
== The Semantic Web ==
# [[/DBpedia with SPARQL - Football teams/]]
# [[/DBpedia with SPARQL and Simile Timeline - Album Chronology/]] Creating a timeline of album releases using data from Wikipedia {{stage short|75%|Feb 5th, 2009}}
# [[/DBpedia with SPARQL - Stadium locations/]]
# [[/The Emp-Dept case study/]]
## [[/XML to RDF/]]
## [[/SPARQL Tutorial/]]
## [[/SPARQL interface/]]
# [[/Graphing Triples/]]
# [[/SPARQLing Country Calling Codes/]]
# [[/Southampton Pubs/]]
# [[/Alphabet Poster/]]
# [[/Simile Exhibit/]] Browser visualizations using the Simile JavaScript libraries {{stage short|25%|Feb 5th, 2009}}
# [[/Latent Semantic Indexing/]] Finding the semantic distance between documents {{stage short|25%|Feb 5th, 2009}}
= Development Tools =
# [[/Sitemap for Content Management System/]] XQuery functions can easily perform many common web site content management functions {{stage short|25%|Aug 27st, 2008}}
# [[/Uptime monitor//]] use XQuery to monitor a remote web service {{stage short|25%|Nov 18th, 2008}}
# [[/XQuery IDE/]] - XQuery Integrated development environment {{stage short|25%|Nov 18th, 2008}}
# [[/Image Library/]] - using an XQuery to preview your images {{stage short|25%|Nov 18th, 2008}}
# [[/XML Schema to Instance/]] - XQuery function to generate a sample XML instance from an XML Schema file (.xsd) {{stage short|25%|Nov 18th, 2008}}
# [[/Lorum Ipsum text/]] - generating sample text for inserting into test page layouts {{stage short|25%|Nov 18th, 2008}}
# [[/XQuery and XML Schema/]] - Generating an XML instance document {{stage short|25%|Nov 18th, 2008}}
# [[/Generating XQDocs/]] - Automating the generation of XQuery documentation for Modules and Functions {{stage short|25%|Feb 27th, 2010}}
# [https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/5515 XqUSEme] - Firefox extension to allow XQueries including against the loaded document (even against originally non-XML (poorly formed) HTML).
# [[/Call Graphs/]] - Generating an call graph as an SVG file from module introspection {{stage short|25%|July 5th, 2013}}
# [[/System Properties/]] - getting a list of all standard and java system properties and their values {{stage short|25%|March 26th, 2014}}
# [[/Environment Variables/]] - getting a list of all the external environment variables and their values {{stage short|25%|March 26th, 2014}}
== Validation ==
# [[/Validating a document/]] - Validate a document with an XML Schema {{stage short|75%|July 29th, 2009}}
# [[/Validation using a Catalog/]] - Using a Catalog file to validate documents {{stage short|25%|July 29th, 2009}}
# [[/Validating a hierarchy/]] - {{stage short|25%|July 29th, 2009}}
# [[/Validation with Schematron/]] - Apply specific rules to check a document
== Path Analysis ==
# [[/All Paths/]] - A report of all paths in a document or collection {{stage short|25%|July 22nd, 2010}}
# [[/All Leaf Paths/]] - A report of all leaf paths in a document or collection {{stage short|25%|July 22nd, 2010}}
== Security ==
# [[/Login and Logout/]] - How to log users in and log them out
# [[/URL Driven Authorization/]] How to use URL rewriting to check for valid users
# [[/Digital Signatures/]] - How to use a custom module to use the XML Digital Signature standards {{stage short|25%|Dec 28nd, 2010}}
# [[/Changing Permissions on Collections and Resources/]] - how to change permissions on collections and resources {{stage short|25%|May 31nd, 2011}}
== Unit Testing Tools ==
# [[/XUnit Testing/]] - what is XUnit testing and how to set them up
# [[/XUnit Annotations/]] - how to add annotations to your XQuery functions to drive your XUnit tests {{stage short|25%|May 15t, 2012}}
= Case Studies =
# [[/Fizzbuzz/]]
# [[/Project Euler/]]
# [[/Topological Sort/]]
# [[/Slideshow/]]
# [[/Sudoku/]]
# [[/Pachube feed/]]
# [[/World Temperature records/]] - conversion of text data formats to XML, indexing and data presentation
# [[/UWE StudentsOnline/]]
= eXist db specific Functions and Configuration=
== Configuration ==
=== Installing modules ===
# [[/Installing the XSL-FO module/]]
=== Setting HTTP Headers ===
# [[/Setting HTTP Headers/]]
== Modules ==
=== dbutil ===
# [[/Database Utilities/]] - a set of database utility functions for database administration
=== compression ===
[http://exist-db.org/exist/apps/fundocs/view.html?uri=http://exist-db.org/xquery/compression&location=java:org.exist.xquery.modules.compression.CompressionModule Function Reference]
# [[/Get zipped XML file/]]
# [[/Unzipping an Office Open XML docx file/]] - Uncompressing and storing a docx file
=== eXgit ===
Module for interacting with any git revision control system
# [[/Installing eXgit/]]
=== EXPath File Transfer XQuery Extension Module ===
This module does both FTP, SFTP (using the SSH protocol) using a standardized and consistent format.
# [[/File Transfer Client/]]
=== ftp client ===
This module allows you to interact with a remote FTP server on a remote system. It includes functions for listing, getting and putting files.
# [[/FTP Client/]]
=== httpclient ===
[http://demo.exist-db.org/exist/functions/httpclient Function Reference]
# [[/Digest Authentication/]]
# [[/UK shipping forecast/]]
=== JSON ===
# [[/Convert XML to JSON/]]
=== lucene ===
[http://demo.exist-db.org/exist/functions/lucene Function Reference] [http://exist-db.org/lucene.html Help]
# [[/Lucene_Search/]]
=== mail ===
[http://demo.exist-db.org/exist/functions/mail Function Reference]
# [[/Sending E-mail/]]
# [[/Basic Feedback Form/]]
=== math ===
# [[/Using the Math Module/]]
=== memcached===
# [[/Using the Memcached Module/]]
=== process ===
# [[/Execute External Process/]] - execute a shell command from within XQuery
=== request ===
[http://demo.exist-db.org/exist/functions/request Function Reference]
[http://www.cems.uwe.ac.uk/xmlwiki/eXist/request/requestProperties.xq?a=6&b=7#xxxxx Function examples]
# [[/Getting URL Parameters//]]
# [[/Getting POST Data//]]
# [[/Checking for Required Parameters/]]
# [[/Manipulating URIs/]]
# [[/Parsing Query Strings/]]
# [[/Adder/]] simple client-server interaction
=== scheduler ===
[http://demo.exist-db.org/exist/functions/scheduler Function Reference] [http://www.exist-db.org/scheduler.html Help]
# [[/XQuery Batch Jobs/]]
=== sequences ===
[http://demo.exist-db.org/exist/functions/sequences Function Reference]
# [[/Sequences Module/]] - three additional functions (map, fold and filter)
=== session ===
[http://demo.exist-db.org/exist/functions/session Function Reference]
# [[/Basic Session Management/]] - the basics of session management including getting a setting session variables {{stage short|25%|Sept 6th, 2007}}
=== subversion ===
[http://demo.exist-db.org/exist/functions/svn Function Reference]
# [[/Subversion/]] - how to update a subversion repository from within XQuery using the subversion client {{stage short|25%|May 16th, 2011}}
=== transform ===
[http://demo.exist-db.org/exist/functions/transform Function Reference]
# [[/String_Analysis/]]
=== util ===
[http://demo.exist-db.org/exist/functions/util Function Reference]
# [[/Registered Modules/]] : util:registered-modules()
# [[/Registered Functions/]] : util:registered-functions()
# [[/Dynamic Module Loading/]] : util:import-module(), util:eval()
# [[/Higher Order Functions/]] : util:function(), util:call()
# [[/Timing Fibonacci algorithms/]] : util:function(), util:call(), util:system-time()
# [[/XMP data/]] : util:binary-doc(), util:binary-to-string(), util:parse()
# [[/Basic Authentication/]] : util:string-to-binary(), httpclient:get()
=== validation ===
[http://demo.exist-db.org/exist/functions/validation Function Reference] [http://www.exist-db.org/validation.html Help]
# [[/Validating a document/]]
=== xmldb ===
[http://demo.exist-db.org/exist/functions/xmldb Function Reference]
# [[/Saving_and_Updating_Data/]]
# [[/Splitting_Files/]]
=== xqdoc ===
[http://demo.exist-db.org/exist/functions/xqdoc Function Reference]
# [[/Generating xqDoc-based XQuery Documentation/]]
=== xslfo ===
XSL-FO (Formatted Objects) is a way of converting XML into PDF.
[http://demo.exist-db.org/exist/functions/xslfo Function Reference]
# [[/Installing the XSL-FO module/]] - setting up your XSL-Module within eXist
# [[/Generating PDF from XSL-FO files/]] - generating PDF from a FO file
# [[/XSL-FO Tables/]] - adding tables to your PDF
# [[/XSL-FO Images/]] - adding images to your PDF
# [[/XSL-FO SVG/]] - adding SVG images to your PDF
== Triggers ==
# [[/Using Triggers to Log Events/]] - how to set up a trigger to log store, update and remove events on a collection {{stage short|25%|July 10th, 2009}}
# [[/Using Triggers to assign identifiers/]] - how to use triggers to assign identifiers to new documents or new nodes {{stage short|25%|September 17th, 2010}}
# [[/Sending E-mail/]] Email is one way to notify when a trigger has fired
== XQuery Updates ==
# [[/Inserting and Updating Attributes/]]
# [[/Updates and Namespaces/]] - How updates can change serialization {{stage short|25%|October 25th, 2009}}
== URL Rewriting ==
# [[/URL Rewriting Basics/]] How to make your URLs look nice {{stage short|25%|November 4th, 2009}}
== Apache Ant Tasks ==
# [[/Reindex a Collection/]]
== Replication ==
# [[/eXist Replication /]]
== General guidance ==
* [[/eXist Crib sheet/]]
* [http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/EXist-DB_Maintenance eXist-db maintenance - delete versions of binary files]
= Appendixes =
== Systems that Support XQuery ==
Using native and hybrid XML databases that implement XQuery {{stage short|00%|Feb 15th, 2007}}
# [[w:BaseX (database) | BaseX ]] - Native open source XML Database with visual frontend {{stage short|00%|Feb 1st, 2010}}
# [[/DataDirect XQuery/]] - Java XQuery engine supporting relational, EDI, flat files and XML input/output
# [[w:eXist | eXist]] - Open source native XML database {{stage short|00%|Feb 15th, 2007}}
# [[w:pureXML | DB2 pureXML]] - DB2 9.1 includes the pureXML feature {{stage short|00%|Mar 19th, 2007}}
# [[w:Mark_Logic | MarkLogic Server]] - MarkLogic Server commercial XML Content Server {{stage short|00%|Feb 15th, 2007}}
# [[/Microsoft SQL Server 2005/]] - {{stage short|00%|Mar 19th, 2007}}
# [[/NetKernel/]] - NetKernel {{stage short|00%|Feb 15th, 2007}}
# [[/Oracle Berkeley DB XML/]] - Open source embedded storage management {{stage short|00%|Nov 5th, 2008}}
# [[w:Oracle Database | Oracle XML DB]] - Oracle Server 11g includes the XML DB (XDB) feature {{stage short|00%|Nov 5th, 2008}}
# [[w:Sedna (database) | Sedna ]] - Open source native XML Database {{stage short|00%|Jov 1st, 2007}}
# [[/Stylus Studio/]] - XQuery mapping/editing/debugging, ships with Saxon (and SA) and DataDirect XQuery
# [[EMC xDB]] - EMC Documentum xDB commercial native XML database {{stage short|00%|Dec 17th, 2008}}
# [[/XQilla/]] - Open source XQuery library and command line utility {{stage short|00%|Nov 5th, 2008}}
# [[Zorba]] - Open source XQuery engine C++ implementation with C, Java, Php, Python, Ruby library bindings and command line utility
# [[Qizx]] - Open source and pro XQuery engine Java implementation
==Debugging XQuery==
# [[/Gotchas/]] - some pitfalls
# [[/Ah-has//]] - some ah-ha moments
= Other sources =
== Function Libraries ==
# [http://www.xqueryfunctions.com/xq/ FunctX XQuery Function Library] by Priscilla Walmsley
== Discussion Groups ==
# [http://news.gmane.org/gmane.text.xml.xquery.general XQuery General]
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