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== Installer {{w|eXist}} ==
== About this Project ==
This is a collaborative project and we encourage everyone who is using XQuery to contribute their XQuery examples. All example programs must conform to the creative-commons-2.5 share-alike with attribution license agreement [http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/].
Execution of examples use an [[/eXist demo server/]].
# '''Instructors''': please sign our [[/Guest Registry/]] if you are using this book for learning or teaching XQuery
# '''Contributors''': please see our [[/Naming Conventions/]] to ensure your examples are consistent with the textbook
# '''Learners''': If you are looking for an example of a specific XQuery language construct, technique or problem but can't find an example, please add a suggestion to the [[/Examples Wanted/]] section.
== Introduction ==