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<br /><br /><center><big><big><big><big>'''Cuisine en Côte d'Ivoire'''</big></big>
<big>Mujje Tulye</big>
<big><big>:''TheLa collection "Come and Eat collection, featuring Mujje Tulye from Uganda and Cote d'ivoire''"<br>blabla</center></big>
:''La collection Come and Eat''
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*This is a wiki project and an open source book. Anyone is welcome and encouraged to contribute anytime, anything (as long as it relates to cooking in Uganda. Feel free to edit it, update it and correct it. We appreciate both small contributions (correcting typos, grammar etc.) as well as contributions to content. If there are subjects missing outright, please feel free to start them. For comments, please use the "discussion" tab on top of each page.
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*'''Florence''' - ([[User:Anthere|Anthere]]) - France
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[[File:La cuisine du Kiosque chez Omar.jpg|right|250px]]
* [[/Introduction]]
* [[/la pêche en Côte d'Ivoire]]
* [[/Découvrir quelques ingrédients courants de la cuisine ivoirienne]]
* [[/Recettes de cuisine]]
* [[/Alimentation et célébrations]]
* [[/Photo Montage fromde photos issues du concours Wiki Loves Africa photo contest]]
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[[File:Uganda (orthographic projection).svg|thumb|<center>Location of [[Uganda]]</center>]]
[[File:Matooke seller.JPG|right|100px|Matoke seller in Uganda]]
Ceci est un projet wiki et un livre open source. Tout le monde est invité à contribuer, à tout moment, tant que cela reste en rapport avec la cuisine en Côte d'Ivoire.
*'''Florence''' - ([[User:Anthere|Anthere]]) - France
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* [[/Introduction]]
* [[/A trip to Ggaba landing site, a centre of fish trade]]
* [[/Growing coffee in Mbale]]
* [[/A tour of Kampala markets]]
* [[/How to make great cassava rolls]]
* [[/Cooking methods in Uganda]]
* [[/Preparation: a Bugisu tribe recipe: the malewa]]
* [[/A special dish of the Busoga tribe: sweet potatoes with groundnut sauce]]
* [[/A special dish of the Bayankole tribe: the karo]]
* [[/Preparation: a Karamojong recipe]]
* [[/Food in contemporary Uganda]]
* [[/Finishing touches]] (different food dressing, cloths/bowls/etc, presentation, buffet, etc.)
* [[/Photo Montage from Wiki Loves Africa photo contest]]
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* [[/version PDF]] </noinclude>
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