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File:The Cathedral, Bombay LACMA M.90.24.5.jpg
File:Bombay Rampart Row, from Esplanade Hotel LACMA M.90.24.7.jpg
File:Bombay, Yacht Club, Apollo Bunder and Harbour LACMA M.90.24.8.jpg
File:Bombay, Victoria Terminus Station - G.I.P.R LACMA M.90.24.9.jpg
File:Bombay, General View of Public Buildings LACMA M.90.24.10.jpg
File:Agra Fort, Genral View of Pearl Mosque LACMA M.90.24.29.jpg
File:Agra Fort, The Pearl Mosque LACMA M.90.24.30.jpg
File:Agra Fort, The Jasmine Tower LACMA M.90.24.37.jpg
File:Taj Mahal - from the River LACMA M.90.24.44.jpg
File:Secundra, Mausoleum of the Emperor Akbar LACMA M.90.24.48.jpg
File:Futtehpore Sikri, The Great Gate from the Village LACMA M.90.24.52.jpg
File:Futtehpore Sikri, Marble Screen to Tomb LACMA M.90.24.57.jpg
File:Futtehpore Sikri, Diwan-i-Khas LACMA M.90.24.59.jpg
File:Benares, General View of Bathing Ghats LACMA M.90.24.60.jpg
File:Benares, The Burning Ghats LACMA M.90.24.62.jpg
File:Benares, The Burning Ghats LACMA M.90.24.63.jpg
File:Benares, Temple and Top of Sarnath LACMA M.90.24.67.jpg
File:Bhurtpore - Old Palace in Fort LACMA M.90.24.69.jpg
File:Deeg, Gopal Bhawan or Water Palace LACMA M.90.24.70.jpg
File:Deeg, The Krishna Bhawan LACMA M.90.24.71.jpg
File:Baroda, The Golden Guns LACMA M.90.24.73.jpg
File:Untitled LACMA M.83.302.2.jpg|(attribution)
File:Untitled LACMA M.83.302.3.jpg