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Bonne journée ! -- [[User:Quentinv57|Quentinv57]] 7 juin 2012 à 08:25 (CEST)
== Mobile view as default view coming soon ==
''(Apologies if this message isn't in your language. Please consider translating it, as well as the [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Mobile Projects/Mobile Gateway/Mobile homepage formatting|instructions on Meta]])''
The mobile view of this project and others will soon become the default view on mobile devices (except tablets). Some language versions of these projects currently show no content on the mobile home page, and it is a good time to do a little formatting so users get a mobile-friendly view, or to add to existing mobile content if some already exists.
If you are an administrator, please consider helping with this change. There are [[m:Mobile Projects/Mobile Gateway/Mobile homepage formatting|instructions]] which are being translated. The proposed date of switching the default view is July 5.
To contact the mobile team, email <tt>mobile-feedback-l[[File:At_sign.svg|17px|link=]]lists.wikimedia.org</tt>.
--[[m:User:Pchang|Phil Inje Chang, Product Manager, Mobile, Wikimedia Foundation]] 29 juin 2012 à 06:48 (CEST)
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