« Photographie/Rayonnements électromagnétiques/La lumière » : différence entre les versions

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Explanation: this image was generated based on published data regarding the sensitivities of the cones in the human retina, and the typical colors and the gamma of the R, G, and B components of computer displays. It is designed to look like a flat spectrum (constant power per wavelength interval) with some background illumination. The background illumination (the grey background) is necessary mainly to simulate the effect of short wavelengths, which otherwise would require an impossible negative G component.
The spectrum is somewhat faint because of that is the only way to represent a flat spectrum on an RGB display with the correct intensities at the far violet end of the spectrum. This low intensity causes the yellow-orange region to look brownish, exactly as it would look like in reality.
A large dark background, as below, helps to reduce this perception as brown of yellow and orange. How the image is generated was discussed extensively on Talk:color blindness
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