Bambara/Livres en bambara

    • An k'an miiriya lahoronya (Decolonising the Mind), 2000. Ngugi wa Thiong'o.
    • Bamanankan Danegafe (1994), Kassim Kone. (Bambara-Bambara dictionary, 230 pages)
    • Bamanan Ntalenw 1177 (1994), Kassim Kone.
    • Beledugu Muruti (1994), Kassim Kone. (The story of the Beledugu revolution against the French; the Beledugu region was one of the very last areas of Mali to come under French domination)
    • Ntennten (1993), Kassim Kone. (more than one hundred children's riddles and responses)
    • Sirabara (1992), Brehima Wulale. (A biography of Nace Kulubali, who was a traditional healer whom the author knew as a child; Nace heals bodies, minds and souls)
    • Zirinw ni Manaw (1994), Kassim Kone. (151 pages)