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Created by : User:Goelette_Cardabela for wikibooks the 24 march 2022
Wiki Manual:
Last update : jj/mm/aaa

Add_appendix SOFTWARES

Révision : 25 mars 2022


The appendix (VO), annex, add_appendix/annexer (VI), addappendix softwares creates Appendix pages for books from wikibooks.
Requirements for all versions: The mkd[1] must be installed.


  • Lexicon:
    (VO): Original version in french.
    (VI): Internationalized version.
    Compiled book: Collection of article obtained through the menu Create a collection to print with PediaPress or to create an Appendix of books with addappendix.
  1. annexer (VO) is the original version of this appendix page creator software series: annex, add_appendix, addappendix. The messages of the executable scripts are in French, they are executable in the following order: lister, télécharger, ajouter_sclt, ajouter_sclic,, sclipwb, sclipco, or, globally : annexer
    The construction of the appendix page can thus be controlled step by step as provided in the
    "directive destinée à l'apprentissage de la programmation bash"[2].
    - Note -
    The appendix pages of the books and booklets of the schooner Cardabela[3] were produced with this version of June 2020.
  2. annex follows the version annexer (VO). This internationalized version can be used in all languages. The original language of the messages is English as it should be for internationalization with gettext. Scripts are executable successively and are translated individually.
  3. add_appendix/annexer (VI) is the final version after annex. It is composed of the basic files of the annex version to which we have added two scripts intended to facilitate the creation of the book directory containing the files necessary for the execution of the program annex which is a component of it. In the same way the scripts are executable successively, starting with pre-annex
    The Makefile add_appendix.mak facilitates the installation of this version in the user directory ~/Add_appendix
  1. addappendix is the packaged version for easy installation on linux. The ubuntu package can be converted for other systems like fedora, red hat, and others.
    The Makefile addappendix.mak facilitates the installation of this version in the user directory ~/Add_appendix and in the /usr/local system without going through the package.
Characteristics of each software:
  • annexer (VO) is simple, exclusively in French.
  • annex requires a manual action to create the book directory and copy the contents of book to it.You can use pre-annex to create the contents of the book directory.
  • add_appendix/annexer (VI) creates the directory of the book and copies there the files necessary for the execution of the program, it takes into account the summaries, contents, collections.
  • addapendix creates program execution conditions and runs exclusively whith a URL from compiled bookSee Lexicon

annexer (VO)

Reference pages: Auto-éditer un wikilivre/Auto-référencer/Annexer (Version orignale)[4]
Revision date: 01/07/2020
Lang: French
Download: yes[5]
Manual installation: possible (easy): Copy scripts from wikibooks to files in ~/Annexer directory
Traditional linux manual: French. 'annexer_fr.1'
Usage: annexer < BookName | ? > [ -v ] [ -pb | -pc ]
? : help
-v : Verbose mode
-pb : Search the images of the book in fench wikibooks.
-pc : Search images in commons
Example: LivreTest
  1. Open a terminal and verify if mkdsoftware is present; (man mkd or mkd \?)
  2. Create the directory ~/Annexer/LivreTest.
  3. Enter in directory Annexer.
  4. Edit
  5. Copy edited part to ~/Annexer/LivreTest/LivreTest.contenu
  6. Run ./annexer LivreTest
  7. Compare with ./annexer LivreTest -pb and ./annexer LivreTest -pc
- Note: - To integrate the images of the root of the book you can add the address of the book at the beginning of the file LivreTest.contenu :
; Article maître du livre
[[Utilisateur:Goelette Cardabela/Sandbox/LivreTest|LivreTest]]
; Contenus
[[Utilisateur:Goelette Cardabela/Sandbox/LivreTest/ArticleUn|ArticleUn]]<br />
[[Utilisateur:Goelette Cardabela/Sandbox/LivreTest/ArticleDeux|ArticleDeux]]<br />
[[Utilisateur:Goelette Cardabela/Sandbox/LivreTest/ArticleTrois|ArticleTrois]]
Note that the appendix software only knows the site, we are not looking for the name of the site of origin of the book.
Reference pages: Auto-éditer_un_wikilivre/Annexer_(Version_internationalisée)#Développement_du_logiciel[6]
Revision date: 04/10/2021
Lang: English, French
Download: No. You can copy scripts from wikibooks to files(.sh) in ~/Add_appendix/src/Add_appendix directory
Manual installation: yes or whith add_appendix.mak which includes annex
Traditional linux manual: English annex_en.1, French annex_fr.1
Usage: annex < BookName | ? > [ -v ] [ -pb | -pc ]
? : Help
-v : Verbose mode
-pb : Find the pictures in site wikibooks.
-pc : Find the pictures in site wikimedia commons
Exemple: Project TestBook

Since May 2021 we use pre-annex to configure the book directory:

Header documentation
#H Workdir is ~/Add_appendix or ~/Annexer
#H Executable file : Workdir/bin/pre-annex
#H Syntax : pre-annex <Full-url-of-book >
Documentation of program pre-annex
#F Ce programme pré-annexe la construction de l'annexe du livre
#F Si ce programme s'est bien exécuté, le répertoire de projet aura été créé
#F - le fichier projet.suffixe et un fichier html local auront été créés dans
#F - le répertoire du projet
#F Il est proposé d'éditer la page 'Contenu' ou 'Sommaire' ou de 'Compilation'
#F   afin d'être éventuellement recopiée manuellement dans le fichier 
#F   projet.suffixe
  1. Open a terminal
  2. Enter in ~/Add_appendix directory
  3. Éxécute bin/pre-annex
  4. Éxécute bin/annex TestBook
  5. Compare with bin/annex TestBook -pb and bin/annex TestBook -pc
- Note: - To integrate the images of the root of the book check that the address of the book is present inAdd_appendix/books/TestBook/TestBook.contents.

add_appendix/annexer (VI)

Référence pages: Auto-éditer_un_wikilivre/Annexer_(Version_internationalisée)#Développement_du_logiciel[6]
Revision date: 04/03/2022
Lang: English, French
Download: No. See You can copy scripts from wikibooks to files(.sh) in ~/Add_appendix/src/Add_appendix directory
Manual installation: yes, with add_appendix.mak
Traditional linux manual: anglais, français.
Usage: add_appendix < Full URL of book | ? > [ -v ] [ -pb | -pc ]
or annexer < Full URL of book | ? > [ -v ] [ -pb | -pc ]
? : Help
-v : Vervose mode
-pb : Search the images of the book in fench wikibooks.
-pc : Search images in commons
Example 1: project TestBook. Compare ease of execution against previous examples with annex (VO) and annex
  1. Open a terminal
  2. Enter in the executables directory (Bindir) ~/Annexer/bin or ~/Add_appendix/bin
  3. Éxecute ./add_appendix
  4. The directory structure of the book is created, you can exécute in bin directory : ./annex TestBook -pb and ./annex TestBook -pc, and Compare the results.
- Note: - To integrate the images of the root of the book you can add the address of the book at the beginning of the file LivreTest.content :
Example 2: project Hélices de navires à déplacement
Bindir = directories ~/Annexer/bin or ~/Add_appendix/bin
Éxecute Bindir/annexerélices_de_navires_à_déplacement/Sommaire
- Note: - If the executables files are in /usr/local/bin it is useless to specify Bindir



At 28.03/2022 the addappendix software is not completely tested.

References pages: Auto-éditer un wikilivre/addappendix[7]
Date of revision: jj/mm/2022
Lang: English, French
Download: --> package ubuntu in april or may 2022
Usage: addappendix < Full URL of compiled-book| ? > [ --v ]
? : Help
--v : addappendix version
Example: Faire sa fleur de sel compilé
  1. Open a terminal
  2. exécute this command : addappendix
- Note: -
The addappendix command is in directory /usr/local/bin.
The working directory is ~/Add_apendix
After executing the previous command the book directory will be ~/Add_apendix/books/Faire_sa_fleur_de_sel



Add_appendix directories

structure of add_appendix directories[8]



'man man1 manuel' if the manual is installed, otherwise: 'nroff -man manuel.1 | less'

'nroff -man manuel.1 | col -b > manuel.txt' (Text manual to correct spelling)
'nroff -man -Tps manuel.1 >' (Postscript or PDF)
'man2html manuel.1 > manuel.html'


If the manual is installed it can be displayed in the declared language of the environment (echo $LANG) else in english.

man1: 26/03/2022: vert en cours, bleu en révision, orange en création

  • Users manuals
bin: annexer, annex, add_appendix, addappendix,, lister, télécharger, ajouter_sclt, ajouter_sclic,, sclipwb.
sbin: compil2bin, docu2html, htmlman, install_datasfiles, textman, updt-manuals, userman, users_install_annex


  • Sub routines, library functions .
lib: findbook,,,


  • Miscellaneous, packages, conventions, etc.
Makefiles: add_appedix, addapendix
Packages: addappendix

Directory: Add_appendix/share/resources/lang/po

References files in english (.pot): add_appendix.pot, add_sclic.pot, add_sclipco.pot, add_sclipwb.pot, add_sclt.pot, annexer.pot,annex.pot,,,,, list.pot, pre-annex.pot,

Directory: Add_appendix/share/resources/lang/po/fr

French translation files (.po): add_sclic.po, add_sclipco.po, add_sclipwb.po, add_sclt.po, annexer.po, annex.po,,,,, fr_FR_addappendix.po,,
Files translated into French (.mo):,,,,,,,,,,,,,

directories of translated files .mo

  • Directory: Add_appendix/share/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES, for user files translated into French, for TEXTDOMAINDIR="~/Add_appendix/share/locale" in the header of the executable files.
  • Directory: /usr/share/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES, for files translated into French, for all users for TEXTDOMAINDIR="/usr/share/locale" in headers of executables files.



In directories: Add_appendix/share/doc/Add_appendix, usr/local/share/doc/Add_apendix, /usr/share/doc/addappendix


and more


  6. 6,0 et 6,1éditer_un_wikilivre/Annexer_(Version_internationalisée)#Développement_du_logiciel